MBAC EMS Instructional Services is happy to announce On-Line Safety training. Click here for more information and to start classes.
Listed below are a few links you might find helpful.
- American Heart Assoc.
- American Red Cross
- National Safety Council
- American Safety and    Health Institute
- New Jersey Department of    Health & Senior Services
- National Highway Traffic    Safety Administration /    EMS Division
- Occupational Safety and    Health Administration
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Welcome to the MBAC EMS Instructional Services website ... "Where the training comes to you".

MBAC EMS Instructional Services (MBAC) is a health education company. MBAC has recognized the needs for consumers as well as health care professionals to be trained in the basics of CPR, First Aid, and Safety Training.

MBAC's staff is comprised of emergency medical workers who are professional instructors. When you call, you are assured not only of accurate information, but also of a first rate presentation. It is our goal to provide quality courses in an interesting format.

  • It is a federal and/or state requirement to be trained.
  • It is a mandate for most child care providers and other licensed providers.
  • Approximately 2 million people a year are hospitalized due to injuries.
  • It is an increasing public concern.
  • 80% of all cardiac arrests occur at home and most are witnessed by family members.
  • Most family members are not trained in CPR, first aid, and/or safety training.
  • If CPR is not initiated quickly, the victim's chances of survival are greatly reduced.
  • In most cases, by the time EMS arrives on scene, if CPR has not been initiated the chances of resurrection are slim.
  • Cardiac arrest is reversible through CPR training.
  • Timely application of CPR and First Aid has been credited with helping to save thousands of lives each year!
  • All health care professionals, office staffs, coaches, teachers, counselors, transportation workers, work crews, anyone interacting with people with disabilities, and the general public.
  • Programs are taught to make you feel confident and comfortable in almost any emergency situation.
  • We come to you.
  • We don't say "Good-Bye" at the end of the class, our continued support is there for you.
  • We can customize a package to meet the needs of your organization.
  • We are competitively priced.
Call 877-766-6006 to find out more about our programs. You can also email an EMS Instructional staff member at with any questions or inquiries you might have.